Maarten Vanden Eynde

The conceptual background of the idea is linked to the ceremonial and creative character of the chair as an object. The chair as a very basic necessity and, at the same time, a symbol of status and importance. The starting point for conversation and togetherness, a place where many decisions are made and new ideas created. The chair as a piece of art – an art object filled with philosophical meaning but also a strong reflection of the person who made it.

The chair and the many meanings that it can convey, including a symbolic connotation of simple, everyday life, has quite regularly appeared in the works of many a celebrated artist (e.g. Vincent van Gogh, Joseph Beuys, Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol, Ai Weiwei, Bjarne Melgaard, etc.), thereby confirming its varietal range of contexts and emotional statuses, its ability to create associations, and sometimes, even tumbling into the centre of scandal. For the artist and theoretician Joseph Kosuth, the chair served as an exemplar with which to discuss the meaning and purpose of art.

The venue for the exhibition is the Latvian National Museum of Art – one of the most representative buildings in the Park and Boulevard Circle area of Riga.The third floor vestibule space (approximately 120 m2, ceiling height – 7 m) of the museum where the exhibition will be held is itself a symbol of valour and brilliance, and has always been a prime location for stately receptions and diplomatic dinners.

Participating artists: Bokkinga Sander, Ericson Johanna, Vanlian Vick, Munoz Lucas, Lee Kwangho, Marcon Marco, Vuerich Baptiste, Moises David, Swing Johnny, Remy Terjo, Regis-R, Fatoumata Ba Amadou, Rollins Caldwell Benjamin, Pagart Remy, Madabe Adam, Dumont Henri-Francois, Hjorth Eva, Linke Kai, Morellet Francois, Luiz Philippe, Fouts Nancy, Vanden Eynde Maarten, Lane Danny, Mayor Julian, Peytavin Rejan, Zieta Oskar, Bohlin Jonas, Studio Job, West Franz, Arturo Felipe, Schreiner Frank, Borkenhagen Florian, Aran Ron, Dennier Boris, Price Tom, Bering Marcus, Rucli David, Heinz Julien, Burstein Eyal, Barzier - Jones Mark, Pesce Getano, Hans Peter Feldmann.