Maarten Vanden Eynde


Various materials, 450 x 60 cm.
Commissioned by Generali Group Innovation Academy, Germany
Permanent installation, Bensberg, Germany

The installation Mo(NU)mentum is made up of several layers of history, creating a massive pillar, 4m50 high. The drill core is like a sample of time, taken from the earth in the future to understand how the world evolved. Starting with a massive block of marble (in which the different geological layers are visible) the drill core contains samples of wood, copper, bronze, metal, aluminum, bricks, concrete, asphalt, tar, epoxy and plastic. The layers are getting thinner and thinner the closer they get to the present = the plastic layer. So far the materials created a foundation for the next, but the plastic layer is so thin and vulnerable that it is impossible to continue the present evolution.