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Evolution is inevitable. The contemporary globalisation bearing daily changes at an unprecedented speed favors a linear model as the only applicable frame to comprehend time. The world of the present is being pushed and pulled towards the future, leaving the constant growing past behind. In a collective frenzy of euphoria we are all together building a better and more convenient world. Or are we? Does anybody know where we are heading or why we started in the first place?

Maybe human kind was never supposed to settle down and cultivate crops and cattle. Maybe we did wrong inventing the wheel or forging metal. Should we have stopped wanting much earlier? But if so, where do you stop the evolution? When is enough enough? Is there a magical momentum in which the whole human race is satisfied and living in harmony together with the rest of the world? Did we ever reach that point and did we overlook it, or is it longing around the corner?

In my work I stop the clock and try to unravel the process and consequence of time. This Utopian goal includes endless struggle and is impossible to overcome by myself. Therefor collaboration is of vital importance and took on an important role in my art-practice as well in my life in general. Enough Room for Space was founded by me and Marjolijn Dijkman in 2005 with the specific intention to be able to work together with different people (we initiate and coordinate residency/research projects worldwide). Not necessary in the sense of physically making a work together, but being somewhere simultaneously, thinking, looking, communicating and transcending a certain vision or concept.

Since 2003 I am working with Genetology (The Science of First Things) and try to define this non-existing opposition of the existing Eschatology (The Science of Last Things). My work is situated exactly on the borderline between the past and the future. Sometimes looking forward to the future of yesterday, sometimes looking back to the history of tomorrow. The execution or final form, as well as the location are strongly dependant on the concept or original idea. I use ceramics as well as stone, metal and wood, but also video and photography, installation and performance, and recently also writing to give shape to my Genetologic Research.