Maarten Vanden Eynde

Utrecht Science Park (De Uithof), is the largest of Utrecht University's campuses, and houses most of the university's faculties. Furthermore, it is home to the University Medical Center Utrecht, five faculties of the HU University of Applied Sciences, the Botanic Gardens, a number of research institutions and research businesses.

In the framework of Zero Footprint Campus, a project by Department of Search, twelve artists are conducting artistic research at Utrecht Science Park. Each in their own way, they draw inspiration from the material provided by their direct environment, such as animals, books, waste, data and innovations.

Future Observatory is located in the Sterrentoren and investigates, clusters, reinterprets and preserves the most influential and world changing inventions and research projects that emerged from Utrecht Science Park. Future Observatory offers a subjective and fictional ‘work in progress’ from a future perspective on what could remain from the present to represent the past in the future. 

The Sterrentoren building is located in the center of Utrecht Science Park and is a physical beacon for the terrestrial and even cosmological ambitions of Utrecht University. It was one of the first building that was build on the site that currently houses USP and is thus inherently connected to the history and heritage of USP. The concrete structure is build to last and connects beautifully to the idea of sustainability and longevity with the activity of looking at the stars (both in the sky and in USP and it’s history). The construction resembles and makes reference to the ‘Smeetoren’, that since 1145 was part of the defense system of Utrecht. As of 1642 the tower was used for astronomical and meteorological observations until it was demolished in 1855.

Future Observatory is made possible thanks to: Department of Search (Zero Footprint Campus), Utrecht Science Park, Utrecht Municipality, Utrecht University (The Executive Board, Information and Computing Sciences, Biomimicry, Physics of Light in Complex Systems & Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis - Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science, Ornstein Laboratory, Experimental Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy, Bijvoet Center for Biomolecular Research, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, 3Rs – Centre Utrecht Life Sciences, Real Estate and Campus, Plant Physiology, Zoology, Microbiology, Infectious Diseases and Inflammation, Physiology, Theoretical Physics, Philosophy, Mineralogy, Geology, Mathematics, Physics), Hubrecht Institute, CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre, UMC/University Medical Center Utrecht, Sonnenborgh Observatory, Nutricia Research, University Museum Utrecht, Splinter Projects, De Tekenkamer.

Installation with contributions by: Dr. Christophorus Buys Ballot, Albertus Van Beek, prof. dr. George Blasse, prof. dr. Jan Boeke, prof. dr. Rolf Boelens, prof. dr. Hans Clevers, prof. dr. David De Wied, prof. dr. Marjolein Dijksta, prof. dr. Franciscus Donders, prof. dr. Christiaan Eijkman, prof. dr. Pieter Harting, prof. dr. Jacob Jongbloed, prof. dr. Cornelis Adriaan Korenhof, Antoni Van Leeuwenhoek, prof. dr. Rudolf Magnus, prof. L.A.M Phil. dr. Gerrit Moll, prof. dr. Herman Snellen, Maarten Vanden Eynde, prof. dr. Martinus J.G Veltman, dr. Bon Verweij, prof. dr. ir. Bert Weckhuysen, prof. Frits Warmolt Went, prof. dr. Johanna Westerdijk, prof. dr. Henricus Weve, prof. dr. Hendrik Zwaardemaker.

Special thanks to: Dr. Jacco Appelman, Dries Berendsen, Peter Blok, Frank Bos, Soline Bredin, Antwan Cornelissen, prof. dr. Paul Crutzen, drs. Gertie Cuijpers, prof. Peter Debye, Carlijn Diesfeldt, Marjolijn Dijkman, Wim Dijkman, Elmer Dijkstra, Monique Dirven, dr. Roland Geraerts, Cynthia Hathaway, Mark Hogerwerf, prof. dr. Gerard 't Hooft, Monique Jaspars, Frank kooiman, Anne Kos, Henk Kraaijema, Hennie van de Kraats, dr. Paul Lambers, prof. dr. Jan van Leeuwen, prof. dr. Roos Masereeuw, Matthijs van Meeuwen, Nicoline Meijer, prof. dr. John-Jules Meyer, Anand Moelchand, prof. dr. Allard Mosk, Monique Mourits, Elke van Nieuwenhuijzen, Cobi Noordhof, Bas Nugteren, Renee Peree, drs. Reina de Raat, Richard Rodenburg, Pim Rooymans, Ruut van Rossen, Bettina van Santen, Arend Schot, Gary Sheikkariem, Melle Smets, Willem Vanden Eynde, drs. Paul Voogt MBA, prof. dr. Ronald de Vries, Heather Wagner, Johan van der Zwan, Leunie van Zwieten.

“Maarten Vanden Eynde could be described as an archaeologist of super-modernity, even more than an artist sensitive to environmental and ecological themes. When observing his work we find ourselves in front of a massive collecting of materials and information. The enormous amount of objects that contemporary society generates every day has become the centre of his work. They are already part of the future, ready to be brought to light by the next generation of explorers who, in times far more distant from our own, will have the task of tracing the origins of their own times.” - Andrea Lerda