Maarten Vanden Eynde

Nova Victoria

2008 - 2014
Bible (1556) and IKEA catalogue (2008)
Permanent intervention in the Bibliotheca Dominicana in Ghent University Library, Belgium

A few years ago the print run of the IKEA catalogue exceeded that of the Bible, which, with an estimated 100 million copies a year, had the world’s largest annual print production. Today more than 200 million copies of
the IKEA catalogue are printed annually, published in 41 countries in thirty languages.
To mark the opening of a new branch of IKEA in Ghent in 2008, I made the work Nova Victoria. Jo Vermaerke, the manager of the new store, placed the newly published IKEA catalogue for 2009 with the title LEEF NU (LIVE NOW) in a showcase alongside a Bible from 1556 to conserve them together for posterity.

Nova Victoria was remade for the Zeeuws Museum in The Netherlands with a Luther Bible from 1748, the
year that Pompeii was discovered, and an IKEA catalogue of 2014.