Maarten Vanden Eynde

Némo, International Biennial of Digital Arts takes place in more then 40 venues in Paris/Île-de-France, including a mayor exhibition in CENTQUATRE-PARIS: Jusqu’ici tout va bien? Archaeology of a digital world. 

As post-human beings or beings of the future, visitors will enter a museum that has been abandoned since 2019, following the disappearance of the human species. Room after room, they will discover an exhibition of digital contemporary art and robotics in which the artworks continue to function autonomously.

Paradoxically, this exhibition has been curated in an age where human beings, quite rightly, are worrying about their possible disappearance, or their replacement by machines and A.I. What started as a speculative exhibition questioning more, or less, desirable futures has become an archaeological exhibition about 2019.

As an artistic and cultural factory of a new genre, the CENTQUATRE-PARIS welcomes visitors and artists from all over the world. Theatre, visual art, dance, music... thought up as truly collaborative platform, it gives access to all of today’s art, through a resolutely popular, contemporary and challenging programme. As an atypical life space interspersed with shops, it also offers spaces for free artistic practices and infants. For start-ups that become part of its business accelerator, it constitutes a territory of unique experimentation, at the crossroads of art and innovation.