Maarten Vanden Eynde

At a time when the sciences of ecology punctuate our daily lives through the flagrant signs of the deleterious effects of global change (climate change and the erosion of biodiversity, as poetically shown in the work of Morgane Brietscher, and the overexploitation of resources and its societal impact denounced by Alain Colardelle), artists and scientists have reached a consensus that our society is currently at a tipping point between yesterday's world and tomorrow's. Our work on this exhibition has enabled us to put into dialogue and resonate the practices of these two categories of observers of our world, scientists and artists, who are in agreement on many points. Thus, for example, just as a botanist goes to make a floristic inventory, or as a geologist reads the fossil traces in sedimentary rocks, Clara Denidet collects and freezes traces of our anthropic archives. This exhibition between Art and Science reminds us that diversity and union, as shown by Vincent Munier's photographs of penguins, make it possible to envisage a better world for tomorrow, thanks to the solutions resulting from the discoveries of scientific research and the sensitivity of artistic work.