Maarten Vanden Eynde

Exhibition, Triennial

Beaufort 21

Open: 27/05 - 07/11/2021
Location: All along the Belgian coast
Curator: Heidi Ballet

With: Laure Prouvost, Els Dietvorst, Goshka Macuga, Oliver Laric, Rosa Barba, Maen Florin, Marguerite Humeau, Jeremy Deller, Adrián Villar Rojas, Nicolás Lamas, Michael Rakowitz, Heidi Voet, Timur Si-Qin, Maarten Vanden Eynde, Monokino, Rossella Biscotti, Jimmie Durham, Raphaela Vogel, Sammy Baloji, Nel Aerts.

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Open: 24/04 - 09/05/2021
Location:  Zebrastraat-New Zebra, Gustaaf Callierlaan 232, 9000 Ghent, Belgium
Curator: Benedict Vandaele

With: Alexi Williams Wynn, Carsten Höller, Chaim van Luit, Filip Van Dingenen, Guy Slabbinck, Katleen Vinck, Maarten Vanden Eynde, Maya Zack, Nick Ervinck, Shikh Sabbir Alam, Tom Liekens, Wesley Meuris.

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Publication, Research

Digging up the Future

Monograph Maarten Vanden Eynde, MMXX
Publisher: Mercatorfonds
Languages: English, French, Dutch
224 pages with 200+ color illustrations
28 x 22,7 cm Hardcover
Editor: Katerina Gregos
Authors: Katerina Gregos, Sven Beckert, Oulimata Gueye, Nav Haq, Jan Zalasiewicz
Graphic design: Raf Vancampenhoudt, Lennart Van den Bossche

Bringing together works from the past 20 years, Digging up the Future introduces readers to the sometimes disconcerting, always thought-provoking practice of multidisciplinary Belgian artist Maarten Vanden Eynde.

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Vision and Horror of Modernity - Industry and Artistic Departure

Open: 17/11/2020 - 11/07/2021
Location:  The Von der Heydt-Museum, Turmhof 8, 42103 Wuppertal, Germany
Curator: Dr. Beate Eickhoff

With: Andreas Sieckmann, Heinrich Hoerle, Maike Freess, Constantin Meunier, Bernhard Hoetger, Max Klinger, George Grosz, Otto Dix, Conrad Felixmüller, Hans Baluschek, Gerd Arntz, Thomas Locher, Heinrich Heidersberger, Eugen Batz, Käthe Kollwitz, Carl Grossberg, Max Beckmann, Franz Radziwill, Tobias Zielony, et al.

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PhD, Research

Ars Memoriae - The Art to Remember

An Artistic PhD Research Project
Time: 2020 - 2023
Location: Department of Contemporary Art, Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, University of Bergen, Norway
Main supervisor: Åsil Bøthun
Secondary supervisor: Anke Bangma

Matter, Gesture and Soul is a cross-disciplinary artistic research project that departs from and investigates several encounters and alignments between Contemporary Art and Archaeology.

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Exhibition, Research

ICC/Institute of Colonial Culture

Initiated by: Philippe Mikobi (National Museum Lubumbashi, DRC) and Maarten Vanden Eynde (Enough Room for Space, Brussels, BE)
Location: National Museum of Lubumbashi, DRC

Partners: Centre Cerfaux-Lefort (BE), Quai Branly Museum (FR), University of Lubumbashi (DRC), MusAfrica Namur (BE), National Museum of Lubumbashi (DRC)

ICC consists of a collection of artefacts, documents and photographs representing colonial presence in Congo, mainly focusing on the period 1884-1960.

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