Maarten Vanden Eynde

Ils ont partagé le monde

Oil and acrylic paint on hardboard
9 x (60 x 40 x 3,5 cm)

Ils ont partagé le monde consists of nine paintings, made in collaboration with the Congolese painter Musasa. They depict the most important raw materials that provide the foundations of the world we know, by introducing a universal visual language. For each pivotal material, various drawings, pictographs and symbols form a visual rebus, or a summary of the origin, use and influence of the various materials. These nine panels, in the form of a slice of tart refer to the wheel of fortune, the wheel of progress and the distribution of economic and natural riches. The slices move forward like the hour hand on a clock, making an analogy between the striking coinciding events of the division of space (Berlin Conference; the parcelling out of Africa, 1884-1885) and time (International Meridian Conference: determination of a prime meridian for international use, 1884).

The title Ils ont partagé le monde is taken from the song 'Plus rien ne m'étonne' by Tiken Jah Fakoly.