Maarten Vanden Eynde

Europe: In Varietate Concordia

2006 - 2014
Spun-poly silk screen, 155 gr/m2 polyester cloth, 100 x 150 cm.
(In the collection of the Province of Flemish Brabant, Belgium)

In Varietate Concordia - United in Diversity

In 2006, on May 9th, the official Europe Day, a new European flag was presented simultaneously in more than 50 cultural institutes throughout the whole European Union. Every two years, a new flag was made. The series of five flags challenges the official slogan of the European Union, United in Diversity, and offers a more realistic alternative. The stars are placed on the geographical location of the capitals of the different countries, creating an abstract sky full of stars and braking the uniform circle.

The subsequent editions zoom out more and more and include first all current EU members, than the aspirant members, followed by all the worlds 193 capitals, ending with a clear blue flag with no stars anymore, no more capitals, no more borders. What is left is an open sky, the flag of our blue marble, planet Earth. It questions both the relevance of closed borders and the constant geographical expansion and invites people to think of the possibilities of Utopian Global Governance.

Participating cultural institutes include: The Latvian National Museum of Art, LT; DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art, GR; SCCA, Ljubljana, SI; Pallazo della Arti Napoli, IT; Casino Luxembourg, LU; Wyspa Institute of Art, PL; CCB/Centro Cultural de Belem, PT; Charlottenborg Exhibition Hall, DK; Tartu Kunstmuuseum, ES; The Contemporary Art Centre (CAC) LT; The Irish Museum of Modern Art, IR; Tranzit Social Platform, CZ; STROOM Den Haag, NL; amongst many others.