Maarten Vanden Eynde

Tribal Tree

Commissioned by Museum de Paviljoens,
Almere, The Netherlands

All over the world rites and celebrations form the backbone of society and function as cornerstones of history. The rite is an event to remember or look forward to, an occasion to create a moment of reflection, an enlarged presence of the present, the ideal opportunity to commemorate ones past and plan the future. Sometimes the initial history of the rite is lost but still continued because it is part of everybody's life. Since Almere lacks a history (beyond 30 years, as it was build on previously non existing land) I introduced a new rite. An oak tree from the first generation of planted trees in Almere (about 35 years old) was cut square, like a big beam splitting up in smaller beams, covered with dry pinewood and lit. The dry pinewood burned quickly leaving the fresh and robust oak tree behind.