Maarten Vanden Eynde

Oil Bubble / Oil Peak

Bronze, black car paint, variable sizes
(In various private collections)

Oil Bubble and Oil Peak were conceived during the third Enough Room for Space (ERforS) project taking place in Tbilisi, Georgia where the most severe protests since the Rose revolution were taking place. In 2003 the new Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili called back his fellow country men, who fled Georgia in the past decades, to come and help rebuild the once prosperous and wealthy country into a modern western democracy. In 2006 ERforS decided to respond to this call as well and check out how a new democracy was being introduced or rather implanted and what the side-effects are of such an enormous political and sociological shift. I planted ten oil eruptions on several locations through the city. In front of the parliament it caused a surprising commotion as the protesting crowd appropriated the work as a 'black rose', symbolizing the failure of the Rose revolution. In 2008 I created a portable unlimited edition making oil available for everyone. In 2010 a series of five eruptions won the Art in the City Award during Art Brussels and consequently the work was made in bronze and covered with black car paint to be placed as a permanent work in front of the Kaaitheater in Brussels, Belgium.