Maarten Vanden Eynde

And Then There Were None...

Polyester mirror, wooden frame, taxidermy eyes from: African Lion, Antelope, Albino Deer, Albino Raccoon, Barred Owl, Bear, Bobcat, Wild Boar, Brown Trout, Brook Trout, Cat, Caribou, Cheetah, Coyote, Deer, Dark Coyote, Dolphin, Elephant, Elk, Fallow Deer, Fawn, Gray Shark, Gray Fox, Hartebeest, Human, Leopard, Lynx, Lizards, Largemouth Bass, Light Whitetail, Marlin, Mountain Lion, Mouth Bass, Muskie, Owl, Palomino Trout, Panfish, Pheasant, Pike, Raccoon, Red Fox, Sheep, Shark, Smallmouth Bass, Snakes, Steel Head, Tiger, Trout, Walleyes, Warthog, Wildebeest, Wolf, Yellow Perch, and other Amphibians, Birds, Fish, Large and Small Mammals, and Reptiles.
66 x 66 x 10 cm

And Then There Were None... alludes to the 6th extinction, the first mass extinction event in history caused by humans, described by Elizabeth Kolbert in her non-fiction book of 2014: The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History. The current extinction rate is estimated to be 100 to 1000 times higher than natural background rates. The total biomass of mammals for instance consisted in 2018 of 96% of livestock (mainly cattle and pigs) and humans. Only 4% of the mammal biomass are wild animals. The work And Then There Were None... mirrors a collection of more than 100 different taxidermy eyes from a wide variety of animals, including humans, since they are part of the animal kingdom and might one day disappear as well. The eyes are fixed on two dome shaped mirrors, mimicking the shape of most animal eyeballs, and making one see oneself twice; Homo Sapiens Sapiens, the double wise man.