Maarten Vanden Eynde

The Last Human

Replica of Human skeleton, electrical components, concrete.
190 x 90 x 25cm

The Last Human is the possible last representative of the human race. Two separate movements are currently leading towards what Ray Kurtzweil calls Singularity. This contested trans-humanist vision of the future proclaims that by 2045 artificial intelligence will be able to improve itself and as a consequence gain more influence on the direction civilisation and the human race is progressing. When DNA computing will overtake conventional silicon based IT, brain implants will foreshadow the end of Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Biologically we will become a different species. The Last Human previsions this cataclysmic shift by including the final conventional attempt to enhance brain capabilities by using old-fashioned computer parts, neatly integrated with the skull, as part of a burial ritual.